Yet another concept for a design - QUESTION


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I'm trying to develop a design preferably with some local culture reference to New Orleans. Yeah, I know, just put a carjacking or murder victim on there and that would nail it. :eek: However, I'm sticking with better times here from the past.

I've come up with a design "The VooDoo Lounge" Poker Room. The QUESTION is: Is putting "VooDoo" on a poker chip just begging for BAD LUCK?
But everyone at the table would be playing with the same "bad luck" chips and someone has to win, right? It would sort itself out.

On a side note, the designer of the Big Top Poker chips dropped some artwork he never used a while back and said anyone was welcome to use it, and one of the designs was a very cool retro (think 50s or 60s) "Hoo-Doo Lounge" chip design, or something to that effect. It's a great design and would be very easy to customize into what you are thinking about. If I can find an old link, I'll post it. It's on that other site ..