Welcome to Gear Labels - Updates for 2024

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A lot of you already know us from the other website that shall not be named.
Gear Labels
Check out our website's FAQ's
For those who don't know us, or haven't worked with us before...Hi! 😇
We are a business that's been around for 9+ years, based in Canada, dedicated to helping chip collectors making playable chipsets.
We are chip nerds first, printers second. We come at this business from a place of passion.

We do our business outside of forums.
The absolute best way to engage our services is to email ask@gearlabels.com and I will answer you.
If you send a PM to either Gear or myself, we will answer, but then tell you to send the request to ask@gearlabels.com.

The main reason we haven't hung our shingle out in this forum up until now, is we were working on cutting down our wait times.
It just didn't seem right to advertise here then make you wait 4+ months before we could begin your project.
But we have some exciting news!

We made a big dent in the waitlist this year.
  • We have implemented multiple optimizations in the past 2 years that have borne fruit, and we are now able to work through jobs at a bit of a faster clip.
  • Wait times still vary, but for label-only orders that are being placed right now, I am quoting in weeks not months.
  • The week between Christmas and New Year is for a bit of R&R and tying up loose ends. We will be around, and I will be answering emails through the holidays.
Our prices are going up in 2024.
  • We post our prices on our website links below:
  • If you are in our queue now, even if you have just put your name on the list with zero details, you get 2023 pricing.
  • If you get into the queue before January 1, we will honor 2023 prices.
2023 vs 2024.png