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Glad to be a part of a new chapter in chip collecting. I am almost 80 yrs. old and still actively pursuing the hobby. It does my heart good to see several young chippers adding to the future of our hobby. My passion is collecting cruise ship chips as my wife and I have been on 55 cruises f and 56 countries in the world. Highest level on Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Costa. Two of my favorite chips are attached. Thanks for having me on this board, and if I can answer cruise related questions about "wet" chips, just shout!


  • Concordia Europe E$5 CG34991.jpg
    Concordia Europe E$5 CG34991.jpg
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  • Concordia Europe E$5 CG34991a.jpg
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  • Costa Concordia E$1 CG034990.jpg
    Costa Concordia E$1 CG034990.jpg
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  • Costa Concordia E$1 CG034990a.jpg
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