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Vegas Matt and others.

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I’ve been watching Vegas Matt for a while along with others like Mr. Handpay and the like. As of late I see Matt spinning off cash at the rate of $750 to over $1000 a spin!

I’ve pivoted to slots (god knows why) a while ago and know what it takes to win! It takes standing where lightning strikes. I cannot believe after watching him go in $130,000 that this crap is for real.

It’s cool to see it, in fact just last night I was spinning at $6300 a pull! (Not real cash) Every single win is a hand pay! It’s very entertaining especially when you strike a $21,000,000 bonus round! But no way I was affording $6300 much less $630 a pull in hope of winning.

Think it’s real? How does he and others get this done? Casino sponsor? Fake tickets?
I have been watching Vegas Matt for a while, and I watch Mr. Handpay here and there.

From what I gathered, Vegas Matt appears to be a successful businessman who built up a healthy nest egg that allows him to weather big losses. I am only basing that off of the information that he and EJ have talked about in the videos, so I may be totally off. It also looks like he has a set budget for these slot adventures. He has obviously veered off of it at times, but it sounds like they created a pool of expendable cash dedicated to the videos, and when they go broke or hit a set high mark, they stop. So, that discipline probably aids in their sustainability. He's also turned the videos into a business, so the monetary intake from YouTube and sales from the VegasMatt swag help to keep that pot full.

I don't know how Mr.HandPay can sustain his level of betting. He mentioned in one video that he isn't wealthy but well off. So, he may be stretching his budget to feed an adrenaline high that high-limit slots give him. I have seen him use a lot of free play dollars earned through his player points. But he's getting thousands comp'd, whereas most of us probably get a few hundred at most. There are times I feel like he might be sponsored, but he does have a strong following on youtube, so that may provide him enough additional cash to keep gambling like that.