Try using JSX!


Lucky Dipper
Hey Chippers,
I just have to share this, I recently heard about this airline called JSX and found that they fly from CO to Vegas (as well as Burbank, Dallas and Phoenix) on these smaller 30 person jets.
It was an unreal experience, basically the closest thing to a Private Jet you can get for sub-$500 roundtrip........
Anyway, after I found out about them, I now hear Conrad on S4Y podcasts mention them occasionally, he calls it "Jet Suite" which I think was the original name....?
If you live near one of their hubs, forget United, Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, etc! This is the way to fly.... :)

The Pros for Colorado are:
You don't have to go to DIA, they fly out of Broomfield Rocky Mountain Regional airport
You can check in ~20 minutes before your flight.....
Every ticket includes: 2 checked bags, all drinks (incl Alcohol) and snacks, and great WiFi.

Cons would be:
I never want to fly anything else now....LOL

Here are some pics:
Broomfield 'Terminal'

Our plane on the runway

Landed in Vegas!
So jealous