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I mean this first stab was not horrible!

Alright, with a starting stack of 20,000 for each player, let's redesign the chip distribution and blind structure:

1. Chip Distribution:

  • Red: 100
  • Blue: 500
  • Green: 1,000
  • Black: 5,000
Each player could start with:

  • 40 Red chips (4,000)
  • 32 Blue chips (16,000)
  • 2 Green chips (2,000)Total: 22,000 chips
This gives a bit more flexibility in play and allows for more strategic decisions, especially in the early stages of the tournament.

2. Blinds Structure:

For 20-minute levels:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindDuration
110020020 mins
220040020 mins
330060020 mins
45001,00020 mins
57001,40020 mins
61,0002,00020 mins
71,5003,00020 mins
82,0004,00020 mins
93,0006,00020 mins
104,0008,00020 mins
116,00012,00020 mins
128,00016,00020 mins
13+Continue doubling or adjust based on the number of players left and pace of the game.
With this structure and the increased starting stack, players will have more room for strategy in the early stages, which is often appreciated in friendly home games.

Remember to adjust the blinds and levels as needed based on how the tournament progresses. Keep an eye on the average stack size and adjust blind levels if you see the tournament progressing too fast or slow. Enjoy your game!
74 chip start stack, lol.