ANNOUNCEMENT The CCA is having their show in June at Southpoint in Las Vegas


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You can find registration information here:

I see that the SNCCC is also having a big show in September! They have free admission every day. I noticed that the CCA charges $10 the first day, a Thursday, I think we know why that is, and $5 on Friday, the good stuff picked over, and FREE on Saturday, even less good stuff with Sunday cut out. They should just have free admission like SNCCC to promote the hobby. I think selling tickets and advertising only to those that already have been in this stuff for so many years and not promoting to the ones on the outside is a bit short sighted but who am I? Free admission to casino employees? Where does that come from? not sure that's a key demographic.
Maybe thats why the median age of the CCA club is 70+.
If I knew nothing about collecting or maybe was interested in casino stuff where would I see ANY promotion of this show?? A flyer in an eBay package maybe?
Some younger blood is needed in this hobby with some new ideas on how to do promotion, I mean the CCA doesn't even post or promote on sites like this one, why is that? I see posting at the other forum site PCF which is a bit funny as the single chip people and the set collecting people dont seem to get on that well. Oh well, one mans opinion.

Hope to see everyone at these shows.
Fellow chipper Anthony
Interesting comments Anthony,

The hobby has been up and down over the years and interest with the younger crowd seems a bit light. I agree that the approach to entice the younger crowd has been light if at all. It seems to me that there hasn't been a focused approach to target them but only an internal campaign over the years to their membership which I agree is a bit short sighted as you say, all that internal promotion doesn't bring newcomers.

Covid 19 was a bit of a boom to the hobby as with folks stuck at home with their collections revived interest and sites like PCF and PokerChipper later on have grown.

Some at the CCA have taken on the chore of modernizing their presence on the web, but again, it seems there is a moth to the light approach with FaceBook, Instagram, Chip board, "x" and all the rest so they spread folks around to many different places instead of using those platforms to direct them to the site they own to become the definitive place to go for chippers and collectors. I believe that chippers will go where the chips are and buy and sell their wares but would like a "central" place to visit in the hobby.

We will continue to offer free of charge areas to the clubs and groups that they can moderate and grow to promote their organizations in the hobby to promote the hobby and their clubs and will continue the slow grow of resources that the collecting community can use to extend their research and continue their interest in the hobby in a fun and modern environment.

There is a lot of development in the works here at PokerChipper with the goal of promoting and enjoying this crazy addiction, I mean, hobby! 😂

Chip on Chippers!!