SNCCC Fall Show Recap

Jerry Vergatos

The SNCCC Fall Show has now booked 54 tables of Collectibles. I currently have 4 tables left. This show is our biggest one to date. We have rebranded to a Collectibles Show to encompass many types of collectors as we now have a much more diverse kind of dealers. Already booked are well known to the Casino Collectibles Community and many are new to this type of show. This show reaches across many types of Collectibles with all of us sharing a common thread COLLECTING.
Here is a list of some of the dealers that are currently signed up:

Steve & Sheryl Cutler
Steve James
Eric Endy
The Duke of Fremont Street
Dennis Lee
Larry Joholske
Bill Judge
Diana Luk
Philip Chu
Gary Oryniak
Bill Lange
Rob Lange
Robert McColum
Wendy Schultz
Nasser Qutob
Dan Madrigrano
Jerry Leonardo
Thunder Snow
Las Vegas Bottle Club
CT Coins
Ray Fernandez
John Chamberlain
David Johnston
Mitch and Sheryl Heller
Spinettis / Annie Spinetti
Manny Orama
Riggo Villarnovo
Rich Klabacha
Rick Lonski
Marc Feinberg
Emilio Soto

I have 2 corner units for $200ea and 2 standard Tables for $100ea. Included in the prices are tables front and back, chairs, tablecloths, and membership in the SNCCC.

Our marketing campaign to draw attendees will start on July 15 with mass marketing, Social media, Corporate Media, print flyers, and much more. This event will not have any admission charge for anyone wanting to attend..

Please let me know if you are interested. First Come / First Serve

Jerry Vergatos

Did you work out a reciprocal agreement for the CCA to have a table? If so, I might help man it for a couple of hours.
Jerry is just the BEST!!!!

We will be at the biggest show of the year as no one puts a better show on than Jerry :)