Roundtable discussion between CCA and Poker Chipper members


Poker Chipper members, the Casino Collectables Association (CCA) Membership Growth and Engagement Committee would like to invite all of you to an open forum to discuss collaboration between the two groups. For the past 9 months, this committee has been meeting to discuss how to grow the hobby and we quickly realized that we need input from members of Poker Chipper. With the blessing of the current CCA Board of Directors we will be holding an hour-long session on Zoom. This will be a free flow discussion with members of the CCA Committee members moderating the flow of the conversation.

The committee has already come up with a list of topics that we would love to have your input on as well as discuss new and exciting ideas.

The Committee had designated the following CCA members to lead this effort.

Paul Schaffer LM-7745-264 (Poker Chipper member, and CCA social media Director)
Doug Smith LM-3209-147 (CCA HOF member and former CCA President)
Doug Balduini LM-8917-289 (CCA Recruiter of the Year)

Date/Time Tuesday April 23rd at 8 PM CST

If you are interested in joining, please email Paul Schaffer at We will send out an official email with instructions and link to join the chat the day before schedule start time.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to working with members of Poker Chipper to take this hobby to the next level.

Paul Schaffer,
CCA Membership Growth and Engagement Committee member
CCA Social Media Director
I think this is exciting progress in bridging any gaps and uniting the crazy hobby we call casino collecting!!!!
I also believe that this is a hobby wide effort, I know many members here attended the last on posted at PCF, but I believe this is not a, PCF, or individual site member concern. While my vision is a site for all chippers, singles a sets alike and PCF seems more geared to Sets I realize there needs to be a hobby wide understanding of how and why we collect the way we do, so I believe this is more of a sets, singles collaboration than individual sites.

I think going forward we can save a bit of time in having single discussions with all invited. As both sites share many common members I don't believe there is anyone that will say I'm not attending if a PokerChipper member is there or vice versa. I also believe that the CCA should be the hub of the hobby providing info on all hobby related sites and resources.

Look forward to the meet.
Want to thank those who attended last nights Zoom. We got some great information on how to help move the club forward and it is exciting to see the passion to make it better. See you all at the Convention in June to have even more conversations.