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Another concept I've been working on. It started out to be sort of a 1940's Hollywood style that was going to say Beverly Hills at the bottom. I decided to tie New Orleans (my local area) in, so I put a Fleur in the design near the top and New Orleans at the bottom. I put a lot of work into this so please excuse the "watermark".


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Is there a meaning behind “Prime Time”?

The dollar sign is way too high. Needs to be centered more.
The weekly cash game crew I've played with for almost 20 years starts at 7 p.m. If you're old enough, you may remember that time of the evening was considered "prime time" for tv shows. I use my (maybe child-like) imagination when considering titles. So if you're playing in (or at) the Prime Time poker club, you are considered a "star" player - You've made the Prime Time. And yes, I can adjust the currency symbol, no problem (y).
I guess the next poll will be a choice between my top 3 or 4 design concepts for my next set.
Thanks for the input! And thanks to all who vote, comments are welcomed but not necessary to cast a vote. I believe in making votes anonymous to get an honest opinion.
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