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OK 6 time today!!! Plug your ears!!!

The Chip Spa

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I have to do it. I'm gonna vent!

Sellers who decide to auction something then cancel your bid because they don't want to sell something that low, GFYS!!! And you relisted it, chipchief you're SHADY! And so are people who do that......

That is all! Fuck!

So frustrating. I had an awful experience trying to buy Disney memorabilia off of eBay before Christmas. I purchased a "buy it now" sweater in an obscure size (because, hey, that's why I wanted to buy it) only to discover the order was canceled 2 weeks later, completely screwing over my xmas gift. My bet is that they didn't even have the item in hand, went to the parks, couldn't find the size, so they canceled the order. Grrrrrr