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It would seem that the city planners in Las Vegas, NV need a clue. In a 1 Sq Mile radius they've decided to Jam in teams from almost every major sport along with their corresponding stadium.

I know that the motivation is to drive them from their seat to the roulette table, most likely driven by the casinos short sightedness of what goes on outside their walls. Traffic patterns on the South end of the city are a complete disaster these days and it can already take an hour or more to get from Mandalay Bay to down town because of the terrible road design and jammed up freeway.

We altered when we go based on what major sporting event is happening but that even getting too hard to do.. We have many family members that live in Vegas and we too spend quite a bit of time there but, man, I for one am not the guy that is content to check in to a hotel or pull in to out camp site and stay there.

It's a bit disappointing these days.
It's a congested trainwreck. Traffic due to greed by showing off and taking on more than you can chew is overkill. It's like trying to squeeze a square in a round hole.