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POKER TALK Live poker (Tournament) is ALIVE & WELL !

BBV hand incoming:

Small local casino tournament, $80 entry, 13 runners, pays 2 places (something like $600 & $300). One of the loosest games I've played in awhile, full of regs.

Final 4 "players"
Blinds 800/1600/1600 BB ante
Hero: BB 30,000 (2♦️4♣️)
Villain: Button 35,000 (K♠️J♣️)

Heads up to a flop

Check, check
Turn 3♦️ (gives hero a wheel).
Hero check
Villain bet 3000
Hero check raise 9200
Villain call 9200

River Q♣️
Hero bet 7000
Villain shove
Hero call

. . . Villain called turn check raise with 4 outer 1 from the bubble (normally paid) and got there, ugh . . .

I'm not even hardly mad because I'll be back the next few Saturdays and have high expectations of +ev!

Okay, maybe I am a little mad :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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