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Ordering in Progress

The Chip Spa

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Chip Cost to you are .48 Cents Including final shipping from The Chip Spa to you (conus) International may be more. Direct shipping to anyone is not allowed as this is a closed mold and they all have to come to the Spa.

If there is any artwork or setup fees I will let you know as she doesn't ALWAYS charge or will waive some or most, its always different. The best way to work this out is to have whatever the fees are divided up between all chips ordered. At .48 cents I don't estimate there will be much or any additional cost added. There may or may not be tax added to the order, again, it all depends how China does the order and ships. I will do my best to have her invoice it the best way possible and have a firm price before any order is approved.

I know the final costs from them are a bit confusing but I assure you we shouldn't see more than around .48 cents and all orders will be fully quoted from China and we can make the final decision from there.

Our last order from approved to shipping and received was around 18 Days and was around 6 additional cents by air, by boat was like 3 cents and would have been up to 6 weeks. before I place the orders I will obtain that quote and we can decide as a group how we want shipping, however, we will all have to agree on a method as we cannot have 2 different shipping methods. Again I believe at .48 we cover air freight option.

If you want to create a new style and inlay design I am going to limit those to 10 set designs. Meaning only 10 users will be allowed to create a new set design this time around and the number of denoms and NCV values should be mindful of what it takes to keep a buy organized. (like not 25 values in a set!)

Individual chips must be ordered in minimum lots of 25.

Getting the order to 10,000 pieces is the lowest price option, my last buy was at 23,000 chips and the hardest part was divying them up accurately as she will usually mix some barrel designs together in the odd lot department! I will say that their 25 chip barrels contain 26 or 27 chips most of the time but would suggest ordering extras in your set as you cant count on that. I dont believe we will see another 23,000 chip order but who knows!! I am limiting this order to 25,000 chips so the sooner you get me the order you can get your place locked in.

New set designs will take the most time. If you're ordering something that's been done, well, that's much faster and you will see a proof right away. The biggest delay will come from changes to your custom designs after proofing.

I will keep this updated as I hear from you and from Tina as we move through this. I will also PM you all individually on the PM you send me when she sends Proofs for your approval.
Ok If you have art ready to go, lets get going.

PM Me with the Title "NEW ART JUNE 24 ORDERING"

If you're ordering or re-ordering art that has been done, and you have permission to use the art.

PM Me with the title "REORDER OLD ART JUNE 24"

1. In your PM please state how many chip are slated to be in your order.
I made artwork for the last group buy, didn't order fully though so with a little bit of a better mindset going into the next couple months I'll probably make a new set with new art and order a small 300 set or something similar.

Will keep you updated!
I should be able to jump on on this buy. Is there a potential close date, or we still working on getting some traction before that is determined?