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The new rule reads as follows:

Rule on Promotion and Redirection:​

  • Members are not permitted to use their accounts primarily for the purpose of directing others to external websites. While sharing relevant links that contribute to discussions is allowed, accounts should not be used solely as a tool for advertisement or redirection. This policy is in place to prevent spam and maintain the quality of conversations within our community. Any accounts found to be primarily used for these purposes may be subject to moderation actions, including suspension or termination. This rule helps to keep the focus on community interaction within the forum while allowing some flexibility for sharing useful and relevant content.
Their platform is known, I've said many times that folks go where the chips are. If PokerChipper was for the sole purpose of selling chips or directing people where to go for the chips it would be PCF. :ROFLMAO:. I don't want to be PCF, and the members here seem to want alternate places to go for information, cool stories, chip and casino history, tales of finds etc. I realize that's a recipe for a slow grow but were not going anywhere and as our brothers and sisters come visit from the singles community and participate with the GREAT stories they have it will get better and better.

I'd love for any sets folks to come tell the tales of found sets and the NAGB guys, no matter what anyone thinks would be some of the most interesting tales of all (or not). Obviously Angel Playing Cards doesn't care and there is no secrets except the profit, but it would be great to hear the stories!! In this area I really don't believe anyone would have the balls to share but hey..... Who knows!