⚡️❄️ Thunder Snow eBay Contest #5 - Win this Chip :)

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$70 Wild West Chip


It is the link to the auction everyone guess on and the picture above is the FREE chip you win if closest.

Auctions go LIVE Friday at 2pm so the link won't work till then. We needed the links for the YouTube video. Thats why they are LIVE now.
contest #1 and #5 appear to be the same chip "El Morocco" unless I am doing something incorrect. ;-)
Looks like I have the same eBay auction for both 1 and 5 and can't edit so your in luck as play both as your guess could win both chips in contest 1 and 5 if closest to the eBay sale price.

I will figure out how to make this easier and more streamlined in the next one but 5 chips and 5 contests I think people will like.

as a cool cat on here would say.... Booyah!!!!!!!!!