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The Chip Spa

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  • All Sales are final.
  • Know what you're buying, I will always send as many pictures as you like. Remember Condition of poker chips is subjective. Your "near mint" is someone else's "bike tire".
  • I will always make a deal right. up to and including a return.
  • Return shipping will almost always be on you. Unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Pictures of condition of all chips sold will be taken right before shipping so there is no dispute in the event of a return.
The Chip Spa:
  • Shipping both ways is on you and done in the manner you choose. If your chips are valuable I suggest buying the insurance.
  • Before and after pictures are always taken. Some pictures of your chips may be used in promotion pictures. Owners will never be divulged without consent.
  • All chips will be assessed for condition and integrity. please note that our process may harm or discolor the test chip. We cannot be responsible for this process and detailed pictures of the test subject will be sent.
  • Regarding edge conditioning, before during and after pictures will be sent to you for approval.
  • Remember that edge conditioning removes varying amounts of chip material. A level of aggressiveness will be discussed before the process begins and during the initial job starts.
  • Older chips havent been a problem but remember (and it hasn't happened yet) like with milling chips, there is the chance that some may not survive the process.
  • Quotes will always be given and agreed to before a job begins. If the process goes better than expected the price may come in lower at job end, and if conditions are more difficult we will have a discussion if the price will be higher.
  • Always ask as many questions as you like so there is no surprises. No question is a dumb or bothersome question.
  • Chips that are edge conditioned are NOT identified with any markings or otherwise. The process is not meant in any way to deceive anyone into thinking a chip is anything other than having an improved appearance. It would be unethical to imply that a chip is in Mint condition that has been conditioned. Conditioned chips are to be considered "worn in a controlled way", Size of conditioned chips is varying but less than the factory original size. A simple micrometer measurement can show to what degree a chip has changed, sometimes a chip will condition taking less than a millimeter in total circumference of the chip up to as much as the owner wants.
  • "Flea Bites" can disappear depending on their size. Usually we don't take enough material to make this happen but their appearance can be diminished.
  • We don't make clay, if we could we'd be replacing chips not improving their appearance! We can't add clay only remove it.
These terms will develop further and be updated.
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