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Jerry Vergatos

Hello again to my fellow Club Members

The election is a little over a month away and hopefully, there are still Club members that have not voted wanting to hear from the candidates. This election should be about who will be the best person to help the Club prosper. I am motivated to move the process along as I feel we are a great Club with great members.

In my Initial Campaign Platform, I mentioned Contact and Communication

I believe our Club needs to interact more with our board members to determine if we are on the correct path to success. We seldom hear anything and only get a glimpse of their inner workings in the quarterly publications.

The only interaction is at the Business meeting held on the last day of the Convention. The last meeting I attended lasted 45 minutes and was hardly informative as the whole meeting was rushed due to some appointment requiring board members.

In my opinion, this is unacceptable. The meeting was held early in the morning and was only attended by less than 20 people.

I am proposing monthly Zoom meetings to gain a greater audience and offer an opportunity for Club members to ask questions and hear answers to gain a more positive acceptance of our Clubs future.

The Meetings could be held the same day and time of the month based on the availability of the Board members and our membership. The cost of the program is negligible and would be very advantageous in helping our Club be more positive and progressive. Perhaps the meeting could spur more interest in Club members considering running for office and volunteering for Club projects.

I ask for your vote to let me get to work and fulfill all the Campaign statements that I have posted

Thank You
Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241
Candidate for CCA V-P