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Jerry Vergatos

Hello Again to my fellow Club Members,

I have had numerous requests to post my resume on the boards to show that I am qualified to hold a leadership position for our Club. I have been collecting Casino Memorabilia for over 60 years in some form or another. I have always been fascinated with the hobby which also includes Coins, Silver Strikes, and Paper Currency.

In my personal life, I have had extensive business dealings owning 9 different businesses in the food industry as well as the service industry. All my business ventures successfully allowed me to retire 25 years ago. My business experience gives me an insight into administering the necessary duties and obligations of our Club. I ask for your vote to let me continue to help make our club even better.
Resume of Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241​

Casino Collectible Association

President (Past)​

Successfully administered the duties of the office of President.

Successfully negotiated 3 Convention contracts with South Point which included this year’s Convention.

Soley transferred the Corporate Charter from New York to Nevada(18-month process)

Convention Chair, Assumed the sole position as Convention Chair to avert another year of cancellation from the previous year.

Presented an application to the Nevada Dept of Taxation seeking Tax exempt status at the State level. ( a possible savings of $3,000 to $5000 annually

Website ( Not current one)

Brought the project to near fruition contracting with developers to offer a world-class website to the Club.


Founder of current CCA newsletter and content editor. Brought in current Editor as a layout editor. Recruited current Contact Chairman

Increased distribution from 800 to over 2300 contacts

Fundraising and Donations​

To date my contributions have exceeded $20,000 in numerous fundraising events and personal donations.

Membership (ongoing)​

Conducted many membership events over the years including signing up 44 new members in a single event. (CasinoRama, CCA Shows,Silverton , SNCCC shows ) I have recruited over 125 new members during my 11 years with the Club. I will provide my services in this part of the Club to increase our numbers.


Authored the Members Corner Articles which highlighted the great members of our Club through their efforts and achievements for over 3 years.


Membership Director / CCA Liaison to CCA BoD

Started the membership program which included promotional awards and created the database for tracking the upgraded members. Increased that membership 25 times holding membership drives during all events.

Exhibits Have personally negotiated 3 exhibit sites, Spinetti’s (current), Atomic Museum, (Current), and the Springs Reserve Museum (not current).

Conducted an open house in my home to enlist local CCA members to become involved in MOGH committees.

Became a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to network for the MoGH and the Club

Southern Nevada Casino Collectibles Club (SNCCC)

President (Current)​

Current President serving my 7th term.

Largest Local Casino Collectibles Club in the U S Increased membership from 47 to over 300.

Administered social and club events (bus trips, monthly meetings)

Newsletter Editor of the SNCCC monthly newsletter 6 years

Club Website Founder and Current SNCCC webmaster since assuming the Presidency of the Club.

Negotiated multiple sites for the monthly meetings.

Arranging speakers for every meeting to enhance the Club and the Hobby

Silver Strikers Club

President (Past)​

Performed administrative duties.

Conducted Membership drives which brought in over 35 new members.