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Campaign Statement #10 Jerry Vergatos

Jerry Vergatos

Hello to my fellow Club members.

This election Cycle will be ending in less than 3 weeks. This will be my final Campaign statement for this election. I have stated my position on all the topics that were outlined in my original election platform. I have offered solutions to the many issues before our Club. I believe we should expect more action from our Board members rather than just maintaining the status quo. We need to look to the future of our Club. Our membership is spiraling down and if we do not act now there will be no Club in the future. It is up to the membership to make the changes necessary to stop the spiraling down of our Club. This is not a time to sit by and not get involved. Many have said they do not like the politics of the Club. That attitude is what will cause our Club to disintegrate. The time to act is now in this election and in the future. Don’t let the negative comments deter you from making a decision that you believe is good for the club. I believe that I can help our Club grow and prosper better than anyone. I have the drive and desire to accomplish my proposals and more.

Those who know me personally know where my heart is. I have no conflict of interest and only want the best for our Club.
I hope my campaign statements have opened your eyes to how this election is important.

Your vote is important, and I would ask that you exercise that vote to get me to work for our club.

A reminder that there are specific requirements for casting the election ballot. You must Be a current member and have your name/member # on the back of the envelope for verification purposes. If you have any questions if you are current on your membership I would suggest you contact CCA Membership Director Jay Sands at membership@ccgtcc.com

Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241
Candidate for CCA Vice-President