Best / worst eBay sales Thread

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Casino Crown Jewel
I knew that wouldn’t take long over there
Pretty much who I expected

I knew that wouldn’t take long over there
Pretty much who I expected

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That's an amazing deal. That's like stealing! If your selling deals like this we will buy everything you got!
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To be honest, I was surprised it wasn’t The Flipper in Chief himself, @reallybeyondawfuluser. Does that guy have any sort of life whatsoever other than trying to screw people over? He fits so many stereotypes that it’s beyond remarkable. I also love how the pro socialist loves to benefit from capitalism, even if it means screwing his best friend out of a penny.
Another WTF......

There is no way it is worth around 20k.

It is a great chip for like 5k my opinion and I sold one for 4k.


It’s just in a keychain holder
It’s not one of the pressed ones
But I’d never keep it there it’s too likely to scrap up the edges

I’d wana have it taken out and examined first but that’s a big $&$ chip in good condition