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Jerry Vergatos Campaign Stmt # 6

By:Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241

Date: 3/21/24 1:18 am

Greeting to all Club Members
In this post, I would like to state my opinion on an area of our Club that is definitely in need of attention.
Having read some of the current comments on the Chipboard this timely point was brought up in my initial Campaign platform. Reading all the discourse about the inner workings of the Club and the MoGH, it is simple to see that there is no transparency from either Boards to the Membership. I am sure that all the issues and "surprises" could be eliminated if there were regular Zoom Meetings where all interested parties could get updates on the items being discussed by the board members in both groups. We are not a closed society and we need to see what's going on. The Boards have an obligation to not keep their meetings secret. I believe that is a requirement by the IRS. If there was ever an audit we could face some serious penalties.
As past President, I set up the Zoom account from which I understand the MoGH is using the account for their meetings. These Zoom meetings would not cost the Club any great expense and would surely allow the membership to ask direct questions and hopefully get direct answers. These meetings should be done quarterly. The membership could make suggestions as well to further the Club in its endeavors.
Club Officers should be held accountable and this would be a great way to determine if our Club is heading in the right direction. A recent remark was made on the Chipboard that 90% of the membership does not care about elections. I believe more oversight of the board meetings and communication would spur a greater interest in participating in the Club and the elections. There are so many advantages and everyone can see the work that is done to benefit our organization and contribute.
I would be willing to facilitate these meetings if elected. The remaining Board members would also have to participate as well.
I ask for your vote so that this and many of the other topics I have brought up in my campaign can be realized.

Thank You
Jerry Vergatos LM-8093
Candidate CCA VP