Ordering Closed April 2024 Cap-Dash Hybrid GB NOW CLOSED

Ordering Closed


Lucky Dipper
- A little background-
Dan and I have been discussing this for quite some time now. We have some exciting plans coming which include me running these group buys specifically for the Cap-Dash Hybrid mold going forward. This will free up Dan to work on improvements on the website and do other more important things than running GB's.

I have run several GB's before including the last GB done with Dennis @ TR King which was the Kings Crown Hot Stamp GB. I am very familiar with how much time it takes and how much effort it takes to do it well. I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion here in this thread to any questions.

About all I know at this point is that these Cap-Dash Hybrids are absolutely fantastic and there is nothing better out there anywhere close to this price point. I would prefer to keep the GB to around 20 or 25K chips. I don't think it would happen, but if we get to 25k chips well before the deadline, I might consider closing the deadline sooner than April 1. Likewise, if we have less than 10K chips by April 1, I would anticipate that we would extend the deadline at least until we reach 10k chips. Please be a little patient with me as many of the details are unknown to me as of this point. Lets just assume that everything will be similar to the way it was on the last GB that Dan ran for now. With that said, I will come back and fill in the details as they become known to me over time. Details that need to be reviewed and added here to this OP include, but are not limited to things like: Timelines, Shipping time, Available Pre-made art, Exact Pricing etc

This is an ORDER INTEREST thread
- I will update this OP as new info becomes available to me
- There is a link right at the bottom of this OP with to a spreadsheet with all up to date info in it. If you are ordering, please follow along and make sure that I have exactly what you want so I get it right! If you see something that isn't right about your order, PM me: Nanook

For now:
Please feel free to ask questions and/or indicate interest below. As with other past GB, please indicate your interest in the following mannor:
Inlay: River Rat - Matte Inlay
25¢ - 125 pc
$1 - 200 pc
$5 - 325 pc
$20 - 100 pc
$100 - 50 pc
Total = 800 pc

  • 39mm Cap-Dash Hybrid mold with Round 1" Textured Inlay/Sticker
  • 39mm Cap-Dash Hybrid mold with Round 1" Matte Inlay/ticker (Smoother & recommended by some)

Minimum Order Quantity:
  • Minimum of 25 chips/denomination - I could be wrong on this but lets assume for now we are limited to multiples of 25 for any denomination
  • Set Minimum 500 chips - Not a hard limitation, but a suggested min to minimize overall cost/chip
  • 50¢ (ish) delivered CONUS - This is just a rough ALL IN estimate and I will narrow this down as I get into this more​
  • Be aware - There is an $80/set fee (This can be divided up among multiple members)​
Shipping & Delivery Time:
We can figure out what the group wants to do. Obviously Air shipping will be much faster, but cost more. I am open to either one, but based on past GB's
  • Approx 2.5¢/chip if shipped by boat
  • Approx 6.5¢/chip if shipped by air


You are allowed to make your own design, but be aware of the $80 inlay setup fee/set. If you are ordering less than 500 or so chips this $80 fee will impact your overall Total price/chip significantly.

Any other designers out there that want their UN listed here specifically looking for work, send me a PM and I'll add your UN here

"Off the Shelf" Available Designs:
(More to be added as I get permission)
  • Kings Castle
  • New China Club
  • Pioneer - Vintage Cash
  • Pioneer - Modern Tourney
  • River Rats
  • Pick Hobson
  • Milton Prell's Aladdin
  • The Mint
  • Hotel Mapes - Reno
  • Rainbow Club -Gardena CA
  • Grand Casino - Gulfport
Artwork Submission:
AI (or SVG but not recommended) files only
I don't even really know what this means at this point, but I will learn and will change it if it isn't right

Contact Info:
I am happy to answer questions via PM or ask away here on this thread and I will answer as much as I can with the info that I have.

Pics/Art of "Off the Shelf" Available Designs:
All of the above mentioned sets are available. Pics and/or art will be inserted here as it becomes available.


Order Spreadsheet:
This is meant to be viewed, but not edited by anyone but me. I will update it as we go along. If you see something that looks wrong, let me know, especially as we get closer to the cutoff. If you posted actual #'s of each denomination, then I'll put them in as you posted, but if you post something like I'm going to order 1000-1500 then I will put in the conservative # of 1000 and just put them in on one denomination. Let me know what you actually want before the cutoff & I'll change it.
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Will it be possible to order blanks?
As far as I am concerned this should not be a problem.

I am not going to make a whole bunch of restrictions yet. I might in the future and I might make some suggestions where certain things may or may not make a lot of sense to make something available.

For example:
Given art fees to Tina of $80/set (for the inlay as I understand it), it does not make a lot of sense to order just one barrel of 25 of something if she is going to charge that $80 set up fee. That would add $3.20/chip to the cost of each chip. This makes ZERO sense to me so there should be some sort of minimum order quantity/set. Of course, that $80 fee can be shared among more than one member and of course I am open to suggestions, but something like an order minimum of 500 pc would come to $80/500 =16¢/chip. That seems reasonable, but is certainly not set in stone yet.