A Call to Civility Is that possible?

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Great Statement by my friend Jerry!

A Call for Civility

Dear Club Members

This election cycle is going to prove challenging as there are individuals who do not see the damage they are doing by conducting a smear campaign. All this rhetoric on their part does nothing but polarize our membership. These tactics are employed to distract the true nature of this election. If any individual truly cared for our Club, they would ask for answers and solutions from the candidates. Instead, they attack and offer negativity and discourse. I will not conduct such a campaign. My opponent and I pledged to not conduct such a campaign. That pledge has not been honored as he has granted outsiders a voice by proxy to attack me by presenting distorted and one-sided accusations. This maniacal behavior damages our Club and alienates outsiders who must witness such behavior.

I want this election to be respectful and professional and not subject to negativity which in the long run hurts the Club we love.

Your vote should be for someone not because you like them or feel obligated. Your vote should be for the person best suited to help this Club succeed. I have stated in my campaign statements a list of issues I will put my efforts into to help the Club. Judge the platforms of each candidate and decide on who will succeed in making our Club better. Our Club needs to head in a good direction, and I believe I am the person to help get us there.

I have proposed an online debate with my opponent, but he has not accepted such a proposal stating that there is no suitable unbiased person to moderate the debate. I totally disagree. The format would be very easy, once a moderator (both candidates must approve) is selected. Questions from the membership would be submitted and sanitized for fairness and then asked of the candidates with no prior notice. My proposal still stands.

I can present my Club resume upon request to demonstrate my history and involvement in this and other hobby-related organizations. Contact me at

I am asking for your consideration and when you have gathered all the information you will see I am the right person for the job. I don't have any catchy campaign phrases or slogans. I offer solutions to deal with our issues, not the type of rhetoric that's negative. Just a serious mindset to offer my assistance in getting things done.

I can answer any questions you may have. Please contact me at vergatos@msn.com

Thank You

Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241
CCA Candidate for Vice-President