Black Friday Sale 11/24/2023

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Any sneak preview of what we might expect? Is there a time that you plan to post on the 24th? Don't want to miss it
Its been a challenge getting my PayPal cart set up so I will list the Items by about 3:00 pm tomorrow with the cart done or not. I'm hoping its done or we will have to do it the old fashioned way!!! 😩😩😩😩
Do you mind hinting at what might be offered? I just don't want to blow my bankroll at the "other" site in the morning and miss out on something special here
Almost there, this isn't a break the doors down and only a few things in quantity, but looking at the sale TCR has if one wanted to blow the wad on some more busted RHC's and plastics I see that's the place to do it.... Although there's some pretty good deals on solids in great condition there!! and a couple of IHC 43mm's.......

Working on getting things going.......