Where to post, Since this is un-official....... One mans Rant


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Jan 5, 2023
As usual, at election time over at the CCA chat boards, things begin to boil. The usual suspects (Myself included) are piping up.

I've chosen to rant here as at least when some members decide to doxx my personal information and act completely childishly I have some level of control, I can see by the guest list that many of you come over to this forum and look around and that's awesome as I started this site to enhance and supplement our hobby whether it be sets, singles or any other casino collector and not to "compete" with any one or organization. I will thank David Spragg for redacting that personal information at the chip board as doxxing people is NEVER acceptable.

I'm a chipper. You can see my style in many posts here is mainly playable sets with some meaningful singles, so yes I guess I have 2 addictions! I support and promote the hobby and will always answer questions if I know the answer, chat about a chip or 1000 chips etc.

I found the CCA like a lot of new chippers when my dormant interest revived. I initially, like I do, went all in. I met Scot Parriot (Great dedicated guy) through volunteering for the first convention I attended and through some common interests we hit it off. I immediately through the chip board found that the same "Politics" I have seen in many organizations and at other hobby related sites were abound, folks vying for "control", folks strongly opinionated (myself included), some lovers, some insulters and yes even some bully's.

If there is one thing you can count on with me is I will not play that game. If I see what I think is wrong or can be made better I will state my opinion, sometimes knowing that certain personalities will attack my position and even try and misrepresent my statements to sway public opinion of me or others instead of simply debating on an opinion or suggestion in a grown up and civil style. Most club members I have met 99% have been welcoming, warm and appreciative of any contributions of any kind, knowledge, labor, or tangible. Nice accepting folks like cachipcollector (george D) Leo822 (Emilio) Thunder Snow (we know this duo) Cuban1947 (Rego) Steven Cutler and too many to mention, then there is the 1% of grown adults who act a fool, honestly they act like little kids on the playground in 2nd grade. This has no place in a hobby. Have I been baited in? Yes I have, but I will not stand for the bully on me or anyone else for that matter.

Once again at election time I see a plethora of gaslighting regarding folks, straight up mis information and the like. IT SHOULD STOP. And if you say you're standing on the mountain of "right" while preaching the "wrong" you can expect to be called out. Jerry Vergatos is a friend, I know some in the club don't agree with him on things, but the childish antics and statements including blame pushing of your own mis steps failures on him HAS GOT TO STOP.

I haven't really noticed GamingOre (Jim Follis) running negatively but haven't really looked for it either. I understand that the candidates for club VP have made some agreement to run on the issues and experience and leave all the BS out. I hope that holds true. I know Jim has a devotion and love for the club just like Jerry which is commendable.

Jerry has made his statements, he said why he stepped down in his term, and that should be respected as NONE OF US have walked in his shoes or know what he has experienced. He like many here who stay silent or simply don't care have watched a dwindling membership, political fiascos, a seemingly non-transparent leadership group and more importantly a withering once flush bank account and he wants to effect change to further the club and its mission along with its continued existence. Maybe his ideas are right and maybe they're not but indeed reading simply the club magazine, the writings are right in front of us, so the state of things now will only progress unless something changes. What needs to change isn't necessarily personnel but vision.

This isn't the election to run the USA! It's a collectable club that should be the definitive organization and the face of the hobby and all the nonsense of personal attacks on candidates and their supporters is CHILDISH. Outing personal information, signing up for web sites with fictitious names, name calling all the nastiness has no place in an organization and should not be accepted. Don't be the one who because you couldn't fulfill an obligation feel it necessary to blame someone else, OWN IT, move on, speak well of who you want elected NOT bad of who you don't want elected.

What good comes from speaking Ill of anyone or accusing things that you yourself have done and when called to account just try and deflect or say "I have nothing more to say to you ever" then keep on "saying". Its tiring to watch, it's upsetting to see and it should STOP. I have committed to better myself in these regards, do the same. But I will defend myself and others if the bullying continues. I own my mistakes, own yours is a good theory.
I will, and encourage you to,


It's an easier conversation to have.

I also pledge as I do site wide not to redact comments or opinions unless they are straight up harmful or insulting to others character or threaten anyone's safety. There is a code of behavior in life and there is a user term here. There has been a few accounts here that were banned for violations of those terms that I have released so as to offer everyone a voice but will reinstate said bans if there is any shenanigans harmful to others. (You know who you are).

Join PokerChipper and have fun, that's its intention, look from the outside or don't, that is your choice but its here for the hobby and free to use! Help build a community with your knowledge, its more fun than tearing one apart.