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Nov 4, 2022
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June 16th &17th 2023 "The Mauler in the Baller II" Las Vegas Meet Up Thread

I know its early but if or when you want to be counted in for sure just flip me a pm @RivieraDanny.
First dibs goes to attendees of Mauler 1.

We had an awesome time for the inaugural Chip Show summer meet up. Mauller II will be even more spectacular!!

Champion of Tourney 1st Prize Silver Peak Set + Prize Pool $

Champion of Tourney 2nd Prize + Prize Pool $
Live Rack of Mandalay Bay $2 chips!!!

Champion of Tourney 3rd Prize TBA + Prize Pool $

Champion of Tourney 4th Prize TBA + Prize Pool $

Champion of Tourney 5th thru ??th TBA + Prize Pool $

The venue will have 3 10 person tables. So where we end up with entries will determine. I hope we can get to 30!

Host Hotel:

Convention Dates:
Convention Hotel:
Meetup Hotel:

Friday June 16th 2023
Pre Event Evening Friendly Cash Games Start around 3:00 PM, Snacks , Sodas, and Water will be available, BYOB for Liquor and Beer.

Saturday June 17th, 2023
Main Event Pre. Game: Friendly Circus Games 3 tables will be available. Doors open 3:00PM. Apps & Pizza in room at around 4:30PM.
Water & Soda Included. BYOB For Liquor and Beer.

MGM Properties have banned the use of 420 in their hotel so outside is your option.

Main Event Mauler in the Baller Saturday June 17th, 2023 Start Time 6:00PM til Last Person Standing!


Tourney Day Pass: Tourney Entry Fee Only.
Tourney Entry: $50. +$10 Bounty for a 60$ total
Fee for Pizza and snacks for both days $25

Many Door Prizes and a swag bag for each entrant!!!

Available Soon: Mauler II Tourney Polo w/logo $xx.xx (TBA)


Attendees List:
1. @RivieraDanny Fri, Sat,
2. @Okku Fri, Sat, Dinner
3. @cosmokramer !! Fri, Sat
4. @DirtyStack Fri, Sat
5. @DuckPlug Fri, Sat, Dinner
6. @shadowler fri, sat, dinner (welcome!)
7. @nitzilla
8. Cosmocramer guest thao Fri Sat
9. @Inapinch
10. @J10suit3d Fri sat dinner
11. @JWC Friday
12. @JWC Friday
13. @Bill_Man618 Fri, Sat
14. @AfterTheFact Friday
15. @ekricket Fri, Sat
16. @Betmorewinmore All
17. Cosmocramer Guest Ralph Fri, Sat
18. @41pickup Fri, Sat, Dinner
19. @RenoDan Friday
20. @joker80
21. @Godzilla23
22. @vinyard
23. @Tbone
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Man once spring rolls in the clock really starts ticking!

I've been gathering some swag for the Tourney Entry swag bags! this should be fun!
Also finalizing the design for the polo's and T's, I think I'll just include the T in the swag bag.

I also noticed that it looked from the OP that there was entry fees to play, I apologize for that and corrected it, entry is by RSVP only but there is NO FEE to simply come play, only the Tourney entry. This event is purely for the fun of getting together not a moneymaker! (No he won't be there).

As some remember who were there and for those first timers the RSVP's are critical as we are in the penthouse level and the elevators don't come to that level without the proper key and I also need to know what supplies and such to have for the right amount of people coming, again the woes of hosting an event 1800 miles from home, in a venue.

I'm also working with some friends in the LV area to get a couple dedicated dealers for the tourney which should relieve us from having to pass the deal and just have some fun! Im 99% sure we will get this done.

Late afternoon both days Im having some hot apps brought to the room along with the usual snacks that will be there all day both days. Being that we will be hosting in the hotel it just seems easier to have it done this way as we can't just whip up some food in the kitchen, but we'll have to have a hot dog roller for sure!! Again, Money isn't the goal here and I'm not expecting it at all but if you want to give to the fund to offset a bit of cost you can do so at the event, again not required.

Also, if your in LV for the convention or the WSOP but not attending our event @leo822 and @Spinettis Gaming will also be hosting a trading session at Spinetti's store downtown! Link Below.

Ok more updates to follow!
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