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Dan Madrigrano
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Nov 4, 2022
My post From the CB..... I almost feel bad posting it but damn, let it go!!!
Don't mistake this post for disrespect,

1. Can you provide evidence of a complaint to Paulson for making cuban chips for someone? When was that? 1980?

2. Do you have any Idea of the number of chips Paulson/Angel makes for private people every year??? 10's of thousands. Some with Identical base chips and inserts of historical real casinos! If you do the research on the chip sites you will see that in plain day, out in the open! Including shots of real chips next to new chips. GPI does not care that much or this wouldn't happen as often as it does. Are you going to write a strongly worded letter to the Japanese and try and shut that down? Good luck! There's already another on in production as we speak! It will get done and there will be more overpriced Paulsons on the THC mold sold. They're a company selling a product and are not going to turn down a $300,000.00 order based on a complaint letter. Mr. Endy is gone and the company sold.

3. The Hobby protection act , as many have explained, DOES NOT COVER POKER CHIPS OR CASINO CHIPS. If you want it to simply lobby your congressman or senator and make it happen then, WHAMMY, you got it covered and can start an enforcement brigade.

Again, today, tomorrow, 30 years from now, the fake ceramics will look no more real than right from production. Even when they show up with a hat and cane mold on them. They will look FAKE. No one will be fooled by them if they take the hobby seriously and do a little due diligence. Again NO DISRESPECT intended, but this horse is dead and you keep beating it and posting the hobby protection act which has NOTHING to do with chips. So stop wasting your efforts typing about it here and type your government officials if you want change and even if you do, the chips don't come from SunFly (mostly), they come from 5 or more different suppliers in China, and chinese companies who as we know have no regard for intellectual property and will copy anything because they know that Americans can't resist cheap products and will continue to make them.

I suggest you learn more about it if you think you'll be fooled. They're not hard to identify. As i hear often in todays world, "Stop complaining and do something about it"!

Sorry for the frustration in my post but its been talked out as many times as Charles hasn't responded to the question "Are you @chipguide at PCF". At least with that question we know he's too embarrassed to answer based on his rude and abrupt interactions there. (Sorry to conflate but inquiring minds like to know who they're talking to or being talked at from.)

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