State of the Chipper report #1 Today PokerChipper hit 425 Users! THANK YOU!

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  • Nov 4, 2022
    Adjusting for a couple multiple Accounts for administrative reasons and removing accounts not used in the last year, the user count here at Chipper is up to 425! While this isn't 13K, I'm good with it! I am beginning to see Chipper as more of a club or organization of people who enjoy the hobby of chipping and collecting casino memorabilia and more than just a forum of users and while we are a "community" I believe that term is to wide for what this is.

    I've had some great convos with people here about the vision (Always evolving) and the atmosphere here and I am genuinely appreciative of all your support!

    As things progress I am happy to see that a very small percentage of the activity is in the classifieds and more towards actual conversations and what I hope will be information about our hobby, the items in it, the organizations that nurture and support it as I believe that the classic chips and things we collect are becoming very limited for many different reasons. I realize that a classifieds and auctions section free of fees and final value charges is desirable and important so that will always be here for your use.

    I have to say that I am glad that users like Nanook have seen that resources can get very thin and he has offered to head up the Cap-Dash group buy area, that helps free up a lot of my time to develop and work on my vision for PokerChipper! Thank You Nanook ! I hope if there is a resource you wish to see here as a user that you bring it to my attention and we can see how to make it happen. As an example, at the start I was so happy every time I saw a historic casino video by Okku that I created the thread and gave him moderator/admin control over its content. I know Oscar has been very busy with real life things and hasn't created in a while but in time I'm sure he'll be back at it! Part of that piece of the vision was to have a historian who could compile a lot of these nice stories, We'll get there! If your interested in helping with the history section please just pipe up and #lets go!

    The development of this Idea of PokerChipper would have never been possible without great input from all its members and a little shout out from members like DuckPlug Blackbeard ChrisinVegas CYInterview SpinettisGaming Jerry Vergatos Steven Cutler UnicornFlash Okku Leo822 Betmorewinmore and many others on and off the site to numerous to mention!

    Things we're working on:
    An accredited chip research guide and value guide
    A chip grading and rarity scale
    A live stream section for chipping tips and tricks
    A member only section where posts can only be submitted by members in good standing
    A politics section for arguing :mad: (Wait it's not April 1st)
    A new Auction platform is in the works
    Removing from the post count posts in the auctions and classifieds section
    Site tours for new users to help better navigate the club.
    Develop on the meetups and events sponsored by PokerChipper for the members.

    and so much more!

    Again if there is something you want to spearhead or bring to the club, let us know and we will do the best we can to make it happen as the members make the club not the other way around. I am nearing retirement from the day to day things that keep me from development on the site and hope to someday make the definitive place to come for our interest, research and advice in the hobby of casino collecting and I believe that every member can help make that happen!

    Thanks for being a member and hope to see more of you active in the threads!

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    Thanks for what you’ve done with this, Danny. While I enjoy the “other” place to some degree, it’s great to come here and be able to have actual conversations without the threat of the mob wanting to exterminate you…even though they do it in the most polite, tolerant, and open-minded ways!
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