Selling Off My Classics...A True Story


Lucky Dipper
Jun 17, 2023
Long Island, NY
Back a couple years ago, I realized that my felted-twice Paulson Classics set just wasn't what I wanted. I had these since 2005 when I bought them from for 95 cents each (remember those days?).

The breakdown was awful, and I had my eye on a set of CPC Rounders chips with a proper breakdown. So my Classics went on the block.

I was immediately contacted by a very motivated buyer that wanted just the $5 chips and was willing to pay $4 each for them. SOLD.
Shortly after, a new member dibsed the remaining 320 chips and paid immediately. I shipped them off, I monitored the package on its way to the buyer and watched it move from Out For Delivery to Delivered. Cool.

Two days went by, and no word…I guess I expected a message “they arrived” or something, so I sent a PM. He responded that he was on vacation and will respond when he is home. I’m happy they arrived, he has them secure, and now I can go shopping!

A few days later, I joyfully selected my chips at CPC like a kid in the candy aisle. I had enough for a 600-chip Rounders two-table tournament set and was ecstatic. I pushed aside that little voice that I could hear asking, “You’re spending that Classics money, even before the buyer has seen them?”
BAH…CPC, take my money.

That very night, I’m lying in bed and I check my messages. There’s one from the buyer.

“Your chips are fake. I want a refund.”

WTF. Is this some type of scam? Is the buyer trying to swindle me somehow? The sick feeling sweeps over me as I try to figure out what could really be going on. Earlier I was ready for bed, but now I’m wide awake.

I sent a message, “You’re kidding, right? These are not fake Paulsons”

Soon after, a message, “Some denominations are lighter than others, and there’s a toxic smell. Also, the center denom area is lighter in color than the ones I bought from Apache, and I trust them.”

Ugh. I realized I just needed to talk him down from the ledge. I laughed to myself with the “toxic smell” comment…I resisted asking back, “You mean that glorious scent as you open those white boxes that wafts up and fills your nose with a symphony of clay bliss?”
And to the inlay color difference to the chips he already owned, I’m thinking, “You mean, the same company that produced these chips?!?”

I calmly responded by telling about how certain colors of clay are lighter than others, that scent is unique to Paulson, and that’s what new chips smell like...and that inlay colors can vary based on when they were made.

I felt a weight lift when I read his next message, “You clearly know what you’re talking about, I apologize.”

Good god, man…I wanted to scream and laugh at the same time. I felt like I needed a sedative.

Here’s the happy ending:
IMG_2202 copy.jpg
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