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Nitzilla in Black Hawk


Lucky Dipper
  • Mar 6, 2023
    Well hello there.
    I just found these local threads, very cool idea Dan Madrigrano :)
    I will use this thread to post pictures and updates any time I play in Black Hawk, so follow me!

    I'll be there tomorrow (Saturday), but in the meantime here are some stack pics from earlier trips.


    Actually I could write up 3 hands that were "bad beats"......from $2-5 NL
    1) I raise AhKh to $15 in MP, get 3 callers, flop is AA3, checks to me, I c-bet $50 and SB CR me to $150, I call, turn is a Q, SB checks, I check back to pot control, river is a 9, SB bets $400 into me. what would you do?

    2) I raise KhKc, OLC (Old Lady Coffee) calls, flop is QdTd8c, I c-bet and she calls, turn is another Q, I bet $200 and she calls, river is 2d and I check and she bets $500 and I fold.....

    3) I have KhJh in BB, guy raises to $25, SB calls, and I call, flop is AcTd6c. Original raiser bets $60, SB calls and I call (this is where I think I made a mistake, I think a raise would be better....), the Turn is the Qc, SB jams for his remaining $128, I call (final mistake IMO) and the original raiser folds, river is 4s and he shows 2c3c............
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    One 'funny' hand came up, I'll share it here:
    I had red Qs UTG and raised to $20, gets called by 5 people until the BB reraises to $200.... I fold for several reasons, yes the BB might be making a play, but to do that into 6 people is pretty crazy without something good, and of those I'm only flipping at best vs AK......
    Anyway it folds all around and he flashes me black Qs...... and I laugh and say "You weren't hitting a set" and he says oh you had AQ, and I laughed and said no I had the other 2 Qs and he literally almost fell off his chair.... I did pause and almost reraised to $500, but decided against it as he had ~$3000 vs my $1500 and I didn't feel like playing for stacks for a 'thousand' big blinds...... :sneaky: anyway it was funny, he said if I had reraised he probably would've folded....but oh well....how can I put him on QQ when I have 'blockers'....... LOL ;)
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    One hand that was memorable: guy raised to $12, old guy called the $12 I have 9♥️8♥️ and I reraise to $42. We are playing about $700 effective stacks, the initial raiser calls and the og folds, the flop is horrible with 6♠️A♠️K♠️ but I c-bet $50 just to see what's up, and the guy sighs and then reraises me to $250, and I think for a bit and then fold and he shows me KK......... he was the most competent player there besides me and he still: didn't 4 bet me preflop with KK and when the Ace flops he was still very worried about losing to AA.......... 😏 so yeah pretty easy to run over the table most of the time.
    Another good hand I had QQ and raised to $13, got 2-3 callers, the flop was A♦️Q♠️T♠️ I c-bet $20 and one caller, turn was the beautiful T♦️ I check and the guy rips it all in for about $150 and I snap call. He had A♠️6♠️ and the river was the 4♠️
    So overall I just kind of knew where I was at all day. No real hard decisions. Played 6 hrs for $1015 profit.
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    Dibs! :ROFLMAO:

    Do you use them in your cash games and just double the amount of chips on the felt compared to the $5s? I have debated relabeling them into $5s, but I think I have only seen two other people use them as $5s and I haven't given much thought what to build around them for the other denoms.

    I have seen someone use them in a limit set. It surprised me seeing one person with a limit set of them when it took me years to track down my 4 racks. Amazing sight to see.
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