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New Dunes Casino Sets for Sale

If you were ever looking to buy chips in quantity from the famous Las Vegas casino the Dunes or wanted to make the ultimate vintage Las Vegas man cave, this weekend's newsletter is for you.

Below you will find two different sets of 300 Dunes chips on sale for the first time.

Our first 300 set consists of red 5, green 25, and black 100 chips. The price is $1899.

Our second 300 set consists of an arc yellow 5, a mauve 25, and black 100 chips. The price is $2599.

Please let us know if you are looking for a custom breakdown. We would be happy to assist with that. You can email us with questions to marketing@spinettis.comYou can purchase either set below:

You can purchase either set below by clicking the picture of either or the links below:


DSC_0432.jpg DSC_0424.jpg
One thing that would go great with either of our Dunes chip sets is this vintage Dunes blackjack table.

The table is from the 1960s/1970s era of Las Vegas. The table even has a chip tray with the Dunes logo on it.

You can find more information and purchase it below for a shipped price of $3995 by clicking the picture or link below:

Finally, you can add brand-new or used casino decks from the Dunes to your chip set or table.

We also have some cool Dunes chip lucite paperweights for sale

You can purchase those below:

New Dunes decks:

Screenshot 2024-01-12 162408.png


Used Dunes Decks:



Screenshot 2024-01-12 162607.png+
Dunes lucite paperweights:



Screenshot 2024-01-12 162658.png