My first Paulsons were these. WTHC’s

The Chip Spa

Dan Madrigrano
Forum Admin
Nov 4, 2022
In a much younger day I found some really nice casino grade chippies that really tripped my trigger! I had no idea what “harvesting” was, and no way I could pay $5 or $25 $100!! $1000!!!! A chip so I bought a set of these. I think it was 600 chips, later, 400 more, later 1000 more! Then. They were harder and harder to find and the price was rising. I managed the set up to around 3500 chips or so. Over the years I would nab some as I saw them not really searching. Then they were gone! Damn. Well how many more than 10,000 of these things do you need Dan? Then, years later I found a chipping site where these chips were very highly regarded and the prices were just crazy! I decided well this is too many chips to hold onto at these crazy prices, up for sale the first set went, then the next, then the next, I depleted them down to about 1000 chips. My PayPal account looked great! But my chip count looked terrible!! In todays chipping environment I find myself still loving my World Top Hat and Cane chips by Paulson but sadly missing all those beautiful 1’s I had let go of!
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