I Can't believe that there is sooooo many things listed in classifieds at orange!

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Dan Madrigrano
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Nov 4, 2022
I promised not to talk about Orange here and this isnt really about orange, just coincidence that that's where it happens.
While I'm not in the camp of chips at cost to the world and pitchforks if you profit, I cant believe there is so many things for sale there right now! and at such high prices! You'd think there was another Paulson group buy going on behind the curtain. There's even a $300 a rack (Cost) set for $900 (marked up) a rack set right before christmas! Man it would really take restraint but if I get an order thru I'd make sure the Bullshit 10X profit on fucking poker chips stuck the profiters with all those extortion priced chips. Isn't 3x, 4x, 5x a bit predatory? Damn, rekindled inspiration.............

I mean, fake casinos that never existed, unleaded chips by the 1000's that remain "Mint" unplayed blah blah blah... Mint unplayed for 2 years, 3 years etc. Why did you buy them?? oh yeah, to fleece.

What the market needs is a "Robin Hood"!!! I think profit is ok if you really need the money, but price gouging is getting old.
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