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How did the meeting go??

The Chip Spa

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  • Nov 4, 2022
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    The meeting was fantastic. You could listen to Pete for hours. It's pretty amazing all the celebrities he knew
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    Attention Dealers

    We have 11 tables remaining in what is sure to be a great show. We have already contracted 34 tables and have room for 11 more. We are in a larger room than last year (Arizona Room) and have many new and exciting activities to make this a fun Show.

    We have radio ads scheduled, a live CY Interview podcast with Chris Yandek conducting interviews with invited guests, Facebook Live with Ron Gaudette, and numerous VIPs visiting throughout the show.

    All Attendees will receive a goody bag with donated casino memorabilia items from our Club members as well as 2 free drawings on both days with some great prizes.

    We will be having a silent auction and a personal chip of the year contest.

    These activities and more are planned to make this an even greater show than last year. THE BEST IS YET TO COME

    For more dealer information please contact:

    Jerry Vergatos Show Chairman at vergatos@msn.com
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