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Dan Madrigrano
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Nov 4, 2022
I read a post where Spragg was begging on pcf for orders. Then. All around pcf I see these “help us save cpc”. OMFG. really. The guy is using 70 year old equipment. So old that he can’t effectively have molds made. He pays nothing to advertise anywhere. And for the longest time it was a year wait while you paid in advance for your chips. Sounds like mismanagement to me. Where’d the money go???

If wal mart begged for customers most would say screw em. Don’t own a set. Won’t own a set. In fact I think he’s an arrogant snob. Maybe if you didn’t talk about people behind their backs more might like you. 2 faced sob.

Just fake a few more rare chips.
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It sounds like all the equipment is falling apart and there is zero budgeting to replace it.
He claims molds that were made in the 50/60s can’t be made today it’s just impossible even 80k can’t do it.
Wut. How they did it in 1955 making the arrowdie mold then.
Straight loonbag.
Same dude who won’t update CB still runs on an HP server from the 90s he can’t update. See a trend here. It’s not gonna be long till that place is finished.
No new colors
No better clay formula like later TRK king crown.
Clings to stuff like it’s still 1969.
A multitude of reasons why I’d never order a set over there.
Now begging for orders.
How about people begging for a better product but falls on deaf ears.
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Now after reading all that I get why Paulson can stamp out 100’s of thousands of chips in a few days while all the excuses are given in Maine. I guess he better stick to making chips for hobbyists. I find it funny that he base my sold a chip to a real casino in ever but wants to hold a license, (yea. ). Just make the ewing chips dude. You’ll make more money.

Business brains this guy doesn’t have. Astounding. But he sure likes to talk about himself. My guess is that he’s more impressed with himself than the few blowing smoke up his ass. Hahah.

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To me, the situation is a bit alarming and I'm not sure I'd dare give them money at this point.

Also, "pay partly by end of year and at least that portion will still be at 2023 prices" is not much of an incentive... how about keeping the price the same for the whole order if placed by end of year? Or even give a discount, as mentioned above?

Party like it’s 1969 and your lathe is brand new cyber something 15% off sale??

Didn’t he raise other prices a few times already.

Sad state of affairs over there
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You had to know it was a struggle when the payment was due today and you'd see chips in some cases a year later!!

A company having to buy a 25lb bag of dye they use 4 grams a year of isn't really the buyers problem, are you in the chip business? Price your chips and no need to tell me your companies woa's....

Some of the newer stuff is great for relabeling if you're into that as the inlays pop out when you sneeze in most cases!
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Personally, I love my CPC set, but to put a post out there that he needs orders is interesting to say the least. Paulson clearly found a way to improve production, reduce costs and stay relevant over the years. Although the trend of casinos toward ceramics, plastics and chipless gambling has to be a massive concern to them.

CPC is clearly struggling, so I'm glad I got my order in when I did, because that will probably be it for me. I'm not one of those guys who will have multiple CPC sets.
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Paulson clearly found a way to improve production, reduce costs and stay relevant over the years. Although the trend of casinos toward ceramics, plastics and chipless gambling has to be a massive concern to them.
I hope that trend leads to Paulson offering chips to the public again, even if just through re-sellers like Apache.
I've owned ASM (Maine) chips. They were fine chips. I just did NOT like the brass flakes showing on the chip edges.
I don't know why Paulson quit offering chips produced on the Blue Chip equipment as well. I'd be quite happy with those IF they offered more spots/colors than the short time offering that Apache had.
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Is this talk of a third real clay chip making company just a bunch of BSing around, or could it really be done? I also find it hard to believe that 100 year old technology can't be duplicated, or even better, improved upon. I doubt Paulson is still using 70 year old molds. Or are they too?

What about buying some of the old mold licenses like BCC that Paulson doesn't use anymore, and committing to them that you're not going after the casino market, only the home market which they seem to not be interested in? Could it be done with enough investment backing?

Or for that matter, I even wonder if any of the people who deal with Tina a lot - SeanGecko or Justin, have ever asked if their company could produce "real" compressed clay chips? I can't imagine that they couldn't come up with something similar in quality to CPC for a lower price. If they wanted to and thought there was a big enough market. But maybe with the language barrier they don't even understand the difference...
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