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Completed Projects and results.

The Chip Spa

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  • Nov 4, 2022
    Nevada Club/Lodge $1’s. A 50 + year old TRK SmallCrown chip. The rack on the right in the first picture is typical of one of 2 conditions of these chips. Either almost stand on edge or bike tire. There are certain rare appearances of more “minty” chips but not typical for sure. Edging beautifully restores these chips to a rich blue edge. Bike tires usually see 1/2 to 1mm reduction along the outside edge which is normal and if used in games with mint chips noticeable but the difference is negligible.
    Fremont Casino Las Vegas. Leaded THC, Red/White/312
    Coin in center.

    These came to me in near black condition, extreme bike tires. At the price they were a candidate for the development of the edging system and cleaning mixtures and methods. After all the testing, beating and chemicals I brought em back out for a final spa treatment so they could shine and maybe find a new home. I’ll have them reasonably priced in a sale ad soon!
    Like an idiot I didn’t take before pics! Ugh
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