Chip qualities that are important to you

What is the most important quality in a chip to you? (Top 3)

  • Base Color

  • Spot Pattern

  • Spot color (s)

  • Shaped inlays

  • Textured Inlays

  • Chip Weight 10g + (leaded)

  • Chip Weight 10g - (unleaded)

  • Paulson

  • TRK

  • Historical (Actual Casino/Cardroom)

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Weight (leaded), base color, spot color.

Progression is somewhat important but color is more important for me. It does irk me when a higher denom chip isn't as nice as a lower denom chip though.

Shaped or textured inlays is a big bonus.

Fantasy chip, actual casino or private chip doesn't matter to me. I'm getting them to put in play and not keep because of the history.
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To me if it looks right and feels right then I like it & I'll keep it.

Lots of different ways it can look & feel right like being on a good mold, having a nice spot progression, nice looking inlay, good weight, good feel, but all it takes is one bad thing and I'm either not buying in the 1st place or I would not keep them.
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