Bud Jones sample $25 CIC chip


Chip Dabbler
Feb 23, 2024
North Andover, MA
Hi All!

I'm trying to determine FMV for this chip, but only have a single eBay reference. I checked every other resource, but nogo. Anyone recognize this chip...

IMG_8792 copy.jpeg

Pretty standard Bud Jones advertising chip. These typically sell between $5 - $10 each
For sure, it's a promotional chip. But it's not a common one. I can only find 1 eBay example for $62 with a fairly exhaustive search. I know eBay Buy-it-now prices can be wild and crazy and lowball auctions even crazier before the last second. So the 1 reference is not reliable.

I'm sure I'm missing some key places on the web to search, and thus the reason for my post. I'd like to get at least 1 more point of reference before putting a price tag on it. Until then, I'll keep it in the closet and dream it's the 1913 V-Nickel of casino chips. :)
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