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Dan Madrigrano
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Nov 4, 2022
Years after the Martini Clubs I cobbled this set of Mardi Gras chips together on suits mold. Needed the upper tourney end of the Martinis but there was no options out there for me.
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Whilst not of the same caliber... Princess and I in our early days of chipping came across a sale for the V2 version of the Mardi Gras chips. Brie had seen a large cash set sit on Ebay for quite a while and eventually sold but both of us really liked the chips. As with most in the hobby we were flat broke when the small set came up for sale, ut we decided to split the cost and make it a Christmas present to each other our first year of chipping.

The set had its holes as far as "perfectly playable" but we decoded we were up for the task of making it perfect

It took months of finding these chips in hiding places, paying way more than we probably should have to round out the denoms, but a couple of large chunks and we were very close to being "playable for the big local game" to cover that one we need 40 players with 12/12/5/6 starting stacks, rebuys and a $1k on time bonus. Was it really important... no, but we also wanted to bring something different to the group to make us feel more a part of it. Plus our personal group had quickly grown to call these their "favorites of the collection!"

That was about 05:30 on New Years Eve the year we got the chips and the last hand of our 3 tournament night! Some lucky bastard pulled off the river flush to take down the game! Lol

So fast forward to the following October, I am hard core building the monster 05 CDI set, but my first lobe of the Maedi Gras was still growing. We take the MGs to a meet up in Ohio and run the first night tourney on them... with literally $500 to my name I had already made a deal with another chipper to buy a huge add on when we got back, the cost was $900, luckily I won enough money at the event to just cover the $900 and other than some $5k octagons and one additional rack of Hundos I bought from Mel... the set was complete!

I will never forget the journey of building this amazing set. Now

To most people, poker chips are just chips... they don't understand the difference between manufacturers, the feel, density, colors. BCC definitely had their "QC" issues over the years, but when they got it right they made some of the best chips we have ever had in this amazing hobby!
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