$2 leaded TRK’s?

I guess my username sort of came true. MakeChipsLeadedAgain.... well available at an affordable price.

nice pickup up who ever got them. If youre reading this i would happily take some off your hands if you dont have a need for them all!
All my sets are minimum 15,000 chips 🤣
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I feel a lot better about them knowing they are over 10g each, not the light versions. Not crazy about the inlay but that can be changed (with a lot of work)

I thought the eBay auction for the first 500 ended at two dollars a chip but it appears the auction was pulled before it was fully concluded.

I would say congratulations to whoever managed to get them all, and I’m sure they will make a nice profit for the trouble. I believe wholeheartedly, they should make a nice profit for such a large investment of time and money.
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I find it truly interesting how some folks over at orange were instantly after low balling the seller of the starlite casino chips, damn near mint condition and leaded for sure TRK’s all well over 10g some pushing 12g, with a classy yet simple spot design, good colors, a red denomination, which for some seems a requirement.

Once they got what they assumed the successful buyer paid also began with their price manipulation routine including Ken kk405, who in the “have we reached saturation” thread there defended chip pricing in general, (naturally) busy stating that mid range chip pricing is fair at 4-7 or more dollars. But classic 30 year old TRK’s are worth $3, so laughable.

So hypocritical of a few folks, especially from a guy who paid no more than $3 for some lightweight Paulsons, chips that only weighed in from 7.7g to around 9ish and charged 8-18 a chip preaching about profit in one thread and knowing or thinking they know what someone paid has to do with selling price.

Shit this guy wouldn’t speak to cost or even the number of chips he had made!! Specifically to try and protect his gouging prices of said Paulsons, which I now see either sitting in the classifieds or the buyers selling at a loss or below “Ken pricing” which I believe is an adverse term not a “good thing”.

To each their own, if you like the price of a set or a chip then buy it. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. But thinking or actually knowing what a seller paid for the chips has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON THEIR VALUE. If it did Jim Shaffer would be hanging in the town square, or the scammers who bought TCR chips well beyond Jim’s limits by using multiple accounts or surrogate buyers to hoard up the pinks, the blaze, the yellow for the sole purpose of marking them up for extreme profit to fleece the “community” and buyers gladly paying the markup knowing what happened.

Ken profited handsomely on the lightweight tiger chips and people clamored to pay him even praising and thanking him for fleecing them.

Jim pays Pennys and turns dollars. Good for him. That’s his business.

I don’t get it sometimes. I guess that’s the chip world. I’m so glad I’m after so few things.
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