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⚡️❄️ Sarah's Top 5 Chip Video ...... OMG

Hi Everyone,

Here is my 1st official chip video and this is just too much fun. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you like it and please comment as if you like them I will keep the videos coming.

Also, shout out to Danny aka RingMaster as he is just da BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah :)
Cool video... Nice to see some new blood creating chip content. Keep up the good work!


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Hey Sarah,
Nice video !!
This is my very first post on this Forum. The "Crazy Looking Captain" on your Belle of Baton Rouge chip is a Mississippi River "Catfish".
Catfish are not pretty to look at but they sure are tasty. I have been to Baton Rouge many times and have eaten plenty of Catfish.
Take care,
"Mr. Roulette"
Thank you and we are working on a Sands, Hooters, and many more.
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